Activating Possibilities

A Wesleyan education depends on a thriving community on and off campus. By investing in co-curricular programs like residential living, civic engagement, student wellness, athletics, and career planning, student learning will be meaningfully enriched. Not only in how students connect to faculty and each other but also in their connections to and among alumni of every generation. Through stronger networks, more events, and deeper investments in athletics, Wesleyan will more fully engage the world-changing group of Wesleyan graduates (and those whose lives they touch) in all we do.


The humility, perseverance, teamwork, and sacrifice it takes Cardinal athletes to succeed in competition translate directly to skills needed to excel in life. A dedicated investment in athletics has resulted in twelve NESCAC championships since 2000 and supported state-of-the-art facilities, as well as award-winning coaching and programs. Long after the last whistle has blown, Cardinal student-athletes treasure their long-lasting relationships with teammates, staff and coaches, as well as the invaluable teamwork, time-management, and leadership skills they carry with them for life.

Gordon Career Center Programs

Career education is more than teaching a student to write a resume: it is about ensuring that they can navigate the ambiguity of the modern job market, understand and explain what they bring to the table, and build the professional relationships they need to switch jobs and careers. The Gordon Career Center’s mission is to establish and sustain relationships with students and alumni that assist them in translating their Wesleyan education into a lifetime of meaningful work. Gordon Career Center programs, such as career treks, will move Wesleyan toward a future where every student is equipped with the necessary career education, professional network, and practical experience to navigate a lifetime of fulfilling and meaningful work. 

Civic Engagement

A commitment to civic engagement is deeply rooted in Wesleyan’s DNA. From student Freedom Riders in the 1960’s to students today who organize voters in key political races across the country, Wesleyans have long had a collective aspiration to shape our world for the better. We are expanding civic engagement programs so that students have opportunities to learn to live with ambiguity, to listen to different points of view, and to appreciate contexts of great complexity. This has never been more important.

Colleges and Centers

Fluidity among disciplines has characterized a Wesleyan education for decades. Wesleyan’s colleges and centers – such as the Center for the Arts, the College of Film and the Moving Image, and the new College of Design and Engineering Studies (CODE) and Computational Analysis Center – facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas across academic fields. By combining disciplines in daring ways, Wesleyans create new knowledge and push boundaries to make our world better.


This is your opportunity to help our Wesleyan become even more Wesleyan. Choose Wes again by giving to support this opportunity and shape this possibility.